3x1 One Design Racer Blackbeard by Arthur Design

The 3x1 "Blackbeard". Painted by Arthur Design. A unique homage to the famous pirate. Blackbeard lived at the beginning of the 17th century and was the most feared pirate at his time.

The "Blackbeard" gleams in mystical carbon, the deck shines in deep black below the design.

- handmade airbrush design (base coat)
- VCCP-coating
- deep black deck
- deep black hatch
- black keel and rudder

111cm pure sailing fun! This modern design looks like real regatta racers. With itīs bowsprit and the chine at the aft, the boat is also a visual highlight.
The complete boat is made from carbonfiber-epoxy in Germany.

The mast and the booms are also made from carbonfiber. We use only the best. modern composite materials, such as the big famous yards do. The mast comes without spreaders and backstayspreader. The shrouds and all other ropes and sheets are made from spectra with a high breaking load. The 170cm long carbonfiber mast is made from two pieces, so you can easily handle the boat before and after sailing.
The sails of the 3x1 are made from spinnaker cloth. With the design of the Asso99 "stockmaritime", the sails are looking very good and the boat price is sponsored by the sponsors of our Asso99-Team. The 3DL design makes them to an visual highlight like the carbonfiber hull.
The keel and the rudder are also made from carbonfiber-epoxy. They have both an optimized profile for perfect hydrodynamic characteristics.

In the boat, two servos do their work. The servo for the sails is very powerfull and the rudderservo is equipped with a gear of metal. The RC system is a state-of-the-art 2,4 GHz system. This protects you from overlapping frequencies with other modelboat users.
The electronic components are protected by a new double-hatch-system. The inner hatch is a round one and fits exactly on to the rim of the notch of the 3x1. This inner hatch is available in any normal household goods shop, because we have used the cover of an standardized preserving jar. But thants not all: the inner hatch is protected by a second hatch. The outer hatch gives the cabin part of the boat a good look and it protects the inner hatch from splash water. This combination make shure, the electronic components in the boat will always stay try.

Included in delivery:
- Carbonfiber-Epoxy hull
- Carbonfiber-Rigg
- Sails with "stockmaritime" design (lightwind)
- Servo for the sails
- Servo for the rudder
- Keel
- Rudder
- Spectra rigging
- stand

Optionally available, but not included:
- 2,4 GHz RC-system
- medium wind sails
- heavy wind sails
- storm sails
- rechargeable batterie-pack for the boat
- rechargeable batteries for the transmitter
- chargers

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